1871 The founder of Kanaya Hotel,
Zenichiro Kanaya hosted a foreign guest,
Dr. James Curitis Hepburn, at his residence.
1873 Being suggested by Dr. Hepburn,
Zenichiro Kanaya opensed a part of his residence as accommondations for foreign guests under the name of "Kanaya Cottage Inn".
1878 Isabella Bird stayed at the hotel. イザベラ・バード
1893 The kanaya Hotel (main building) was opened at the current location. 金谷ホテル
1905 Frank Lloyd Wright stayed at the hotel.  
1908 Robert Koch stayed at the hotel with his wife.  
1912 Soseki Natsume stayed at the hotel.  
1922 Albert Einstein stayed at the hotel.  
1926 Paul Claudel stayed at the hotel.  
1931 Charles Lindbergh and Anne Lindbergh stayed at the hotel.  
1937 Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan stayed at the hotel.  
1940 Nikko Kanko Hotel (the current Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel) was established.  
1945 Nikko Kanaya Hotel and Nikko Kanko Hotel were taken over by US Army and used as a recreation facility.  
1952 Nikko Kanaya Hotel was returned by US Army and started the regular operation as a hotel.  
1957 Nikko Kanko Hotel was returned by US Army and started the regular operation as a hotel.  
1965 Nikko Kanaya Hotel was renamed to Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel.  
1971 Shirley MacLaine stayed at the hotel.  
1972 Jack Nicklaus stayed at the hotel.  
1983 Princess Anne stayed at the hotel.  
1992 Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel completed renovation.  
2005 The Main build. , New build., Annex, and Ryugu of Nikko Kanaya Hotel were resistered as Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.  
2007 Nikko Kanaya Hotel was certified as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization.